Spring 2015

33rd Memorial Murphy Cup Regatta 

March 28, 2015  |  Cooper River - Pennsauken, New Jersey

Spring 2014

ACRA National Championship Regatta 

May 24-25, 2014 Lake Sidney Lanier - Gainesville, Georgia

           The Eagles flew down to Gainesville, Georgia for their final race of the season against national competition. In the first small boats race of the season, the pair of Thomas McShane and James Connolly took third place and the second seed heading into the repechage. Repechage winners would advance to Grand Finals. The new Novice Four, Novice Eight, and Second Varsity Eight each took fourth in heats, heading to reps just short of semi-final births. The Varsity four took fifth en route to reps. In the fastest heat of the day, the Varsity Eight advanced to semis through a second place finish. In reps, the pair took another third place finish, gaining experience for the Petites. The Novice Four earned a spot in the C final through a third place rep finish. Defeating Purdue by less than a second, the Novice Eight won a berth into its Grand Final. The Varsity Four took fifth to advance to a B Final.

               On Sunday, the Varsity Eight took second in their semi-final to advance to the Grand Final later in the afternoon. For their final race of the season, the Novice Four took third place in the C Final. The Varsity Pair finished first in the Petite Final, and the Varsity Four took eighth. In the Second Varsity Eight, the eagles finished as the eighth fastest boat in the nation. In the team’s final race of the season, the Varsity Eight took sixth in the Grand Final, the highest categorical finish in program history.         

ECAC National Invitational Rowing Championships

May 11, 2014 - Lake Quinsigamond - Worcester, Massachusetts


Following a team points championship at NERC, the team looked to carryover its success to the ECAC National Invitational Collegiate Regatta. In the first heat for the Eagles, the Novice Four held its own against varsity crews in the open four category. A revamped third varsity eight turned heads, earning a second place finish and Grand Final position. The Varsity Eight and Second Varsity Eight took third and fourth in their respective categories, moving to Petites. For the afternoon, the Novice Four turned in a big race with a nine second Petite Final victory over Washington College. The Third Varsity Eight took fourth, falling short of Marist’s bronze, the highest categorical finish in team history. In a straight final, the Novice Eight earned bronze medals to match the highest team finish. The Second Varsity Eight took fifth in a fast field. In the final race of year at Lake Quinsigamond, the Varsity Eight took first in the Petite Final and the sixth fastest time of the day. These finishes earned the team third place overall in the Men’s Points Trophy Competition, edging out Hobart, Ithaca, and Trinity. 

New England Rowing Championships

May 3, 2014 - Lake Quinsigamond - Worcester, Massachusetts

The team had a big day at the first championship regatta of the season. Every Eagle entry reached a Grand Final. In the morning racing, the Novice Four and Varsity Four each finished third in their heats. The Second Varsity Four took second, fighting Wentworth to the wire. In the eights, the Novice and Varsity crews each aced their heats. The Second Varsity Eight continued its strong spring campaign with a second place finish to Wesleyan in their heat. Returning for the afternoon, the Novice Eight took home the Rusty Callow Alumni Trophy; this is the second victory in team history and the first was in 2011. In the Second Varsity Eight, Varsity Four, and Novice Four, the crews finished fifth, fifth, and sixth to add crucial points toward the team total. The Second Varsity Four avenged some brushes with the medal docks in previous races to take silver. Rounding out the cycle of medals, the Varsity Eight finished with bronze for the highest category finish since 2004. All of these efforts brought home the Men’s Team Points Trophy for the first time since 1997!

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McCarthy-McGee Cup

April 26, 2014 - Lake Quinsigamond - Worcester, Massachusetts

The Eagles had a successful first trip of the season to Lake Quinsigamond to contest the McCarthy-McGee Cup. In the marquee event, the Varsity Eight regained the cup with a five second victory. The team now leads the series 2-1. Following the Varsity race, the Second Varsity Eight fell by three seconds. Racing in the Third Varsity category, the Novice Eight took their race by ten seconds. In the fours, the Second Varsity Four and Varsity Four went 1-2. In the final race of the day, the Novice Four fell to a quick WPI Four in a hard fought race.

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Greater Boston Invitational

April 19, 2014 - Merrimack River - Lowell, Massachusetts

The Eagles had a successful weekend in Lowell at the Greater Boston Invitational. Starting off the morning, the Novice Four and Varsity Four each took third place in heats to advance to finals. In a straight final, the Second Varsity Four took third by just 2.6 seconds off the leader. For the Four finals, each crew took fifth place in their finals. Setting the pace for the event, the Novice and Varsity crews each won their heats en route to winning their finals.

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Knecht Cup

April 12-13, 2014 - Mercer Lake - West Windsor, New Jersey


The team made its first trip to Mercer Lake for the Knecht Cup. Starting the weekend off for the eagles, the Varsity Four advanced to the Grand Final on their heat time of 7:07. In their Sunday final, the four took sixth. TheNovice Four took second in their heats to advance to their semi-final where they took fifth place. For the first eights race of the weekend, the Varsity Eight took second in their heat to advance to a semi-final. In semis, the eight finished fourth in 6:05 and again finished fourth in Petites. In the Second Varsity Eight, the crew took third in heats by one second but rallied to take second place in Petites. The Freshman Eight took second in heats, third in a hard-fought semi-final, and sixth in their final. In the club eight, the crew took second in heats and finished sixth in finals. The Second Varsity Four finished sixth in a straight final.

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San Diego Crew Classic 

April 5-6, 2014 - Mission Bay - San Diego, California 

This past weekend the Varsity Eight travelled to San Diego, CA to race in the Crew Classic. Racing out of lane three in the first race of the event, the crew finished only 3.5 seconds off a Grand Final Berth. Returning on Sunday, the eight won the Cal Cup Petite Final in 6:17.2, improving their time by five seconds.

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Bates and MIT

March 29, 2014 - Charles River - Boston, Massachusetts


In their second race of the day, the Varsity Eight and Second Varsity Eight each took second between the MIT and Bates equivalents. The Third Varsity Eight and Freshman Eight fell in order to the the Bates Third Varsity Eight. Facing strong competition, the Freshman Four had a strong showing behind Varsity crews from MIT and Bates. 

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MIT 150s

March 29, 2014  - Charles River - Boston, Massachusetts

This past weekend the team made its first appearance of the season in the Charles River Basin. Starting off the day strong, the Third Varsity Eight and Freshman went 1-2 over the MIT 150s Third Varsity Eight. The Second Varsity Eight continued the streak, defeating the 150s Second Varsity Eight. Closing out the first race session of the day, the Varsity Eight fell two seats short to the MIT 150s. 

Jesuit Invitational 

March 15, 2014 - Cooper River - Cherry Hill, New Jersey

The team made its first and only trip of the season to the Cooper River this past weekend. Opening up the season, the 3rd Varsity Eight and Freshman Eight took 4th and 5th in against exclusively Varsity competition of Georgetown and St. Joe's. The Second Varsity Eight improved upon this finish, taking third over Fairfield. Despite leading much of their race, the Varsity Eight fell just short of Georgetown at the line, finishing second by 1.2 seconds. These finishes, combined with an impressive sweep by the Varsity Women, brought home the first place Cannonball trophy to Chestnut Hill for BC Rowing.

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Winter 2014


February 22, 2014 - Conte Forum - Boston, Massachusetts

Coach Mulvey sweeps the season in 1:19:03. Bielawski and Piekarski repeat in 1:19:35 and 1:29:05 respectively.

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February 16, 2014 - Boston University - Boston, Massachusetts


Six Varsity Eagles took to the ergs at Agganis Arena. Congratulations to Chris Peng '16 on the fastest finish of the group in 6:28.6.


January 25, 2014 - Conte Forum - Boston, Massachusetts

Coach Mulvey continues his winning streak in 50:53. Congratulations to Varsity winner Kevin Bielawski '15 in 51:57 and Novice Winner Matt Piekarski '17 in 55:34. 

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Fall 2013

Tail of the Charles

November 23, 2013 - Charles River - Boston, Massachusetts


The Eagles made their final fall appearance on the Charles with strong competition from Harvard, BU, Northeastern, MIT, and Brown. In the Open Eight the 2V took 9th and the 3V took 11th. In the Novice Eight, the freshman finished 6th and 11th. The two Varsity 4+ entries finished 26th and 27th in a deep field. Congratulations to the seniors in their final Head Race for BC.

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Green Monster Regatta

November 3, 2013 - Hanover, New Hampshire

The novice team travelled with the BC Women to race at Dartmouth. The First Novice Eight took 7th, and the Second Novice Eight took 13th among Ivy League Competition.

Head of the Fish

October 26, 2013 - Saratoga Creek - Saratoga, NY


On Saturday, the team made its first full appearance at the Head of the Fish, medaling in five of six events entered with a fourth place in the sixth event. The first catch of the day belonged to Sean Fanning in the 1x, four seconds later Chris Samul took silver. Following the singles, the "meathouse" pair of Ben Oleniczak and Kevin Bielawski took silver in the open event. At the novice level, the 1F took silver, the 2F was the fastest "B" entry, and the 3F was the second "C" entry to cover the course. In the Varsity Four, the "A" boat had a gutsy finish, defeating 3rd and 4th place by 0.7 seconds. The "B" Four took second of all "B" entries, behind Syracuse. The "C" Four was the fastest of its entry level. With many doubling oarsmen, the Varsity Eight took 4th in the Collegiate 8+ and the Second Varsity Eight won the JV Collegiate 8+ for the second fish head of the day.


Head of the Charles

October 19-20 2013 - Charles River - Boston, MA



The team competed in three events this weekend at the Head Of The Charles Regatta. Facing Varsity and post graduate boats in the club eight, the novice eight placed 39th in their first race for BC in 16:37. In the collegiate eight, the 1V and 2V finished 18th and 26th in 16:15 and 16:39. The 1V became caught in a clash, causing a penalty for the opposing crew, and the 2V was second among schools with multiple entries. 

1V Charles.jpg


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